We offer extensive Pay Per Click campaign management, which means we will monitor how your keywords are responding, tracking conversions and make sure you are getting the maximum return on your investment. A PPC Search campaign ensures that your site is always on the ranks for targeted keywords in Google, helping your attract new customers when they search on a relevant keyword relating to your target audience. Research is suggesting that at least 30% of search engine users will click on the paid links on the right hand side of the search results, so you should try getting on there to increase potential customers. It should not be considered as an alternative to organic search engine optimisation and it is the advantage it gives for fast results that can really help in your marketing campaigns.

Manually managing your PPC campaign is very time consuming and the keywords that you bid under constant competition from other competitors will trigger the bids differently daily. Will you be able to always manage your campaign and adjusting the different bidding on keywords that your competitors outbid you on? If you do not understand how the Google Adwords campaign work properly then you can easily throw money away without making any return on your investment. The advantage in outsourcing your PPC campaign to Creative Media Designers is that it is always in constant review, keyword bids been checked daily and the ad copy will be tweaked to get the best performance out of your advertising campaign

Creative Media Designers have dedicated Pay Per Click staff working within our search department with years of experience and proven results in a wide range of industry niches. Our staff have full knowledge of the major Pay Per Click channels and are Google Adwords Qualified.

Creative Media Designers have their own Pay Per Click staff that work on search for many years and have plenty of experience in driving online traffic using PPC in variety of different industry niches. They have the full knowledge of the PPC channels and are rated highly by our existing customers.

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